• Emergency Medicine Forum....... An Introduction
    Emergency Medicine Forum....... An Introduction

    Emergency medicine forum is about us and Pakistan. Emergency medicine is neglected and underutilized field of medicine. We are striving to create the awareness and form a team to discuss, plan educate, propagate and enhance the field so we improve the level of care

  • Our Concern
    Our Concern

    We are concerned physicians, nurses, paramedics, engineers, accountants and simply common people from all walks of life with common concern about emergency care.

  • Patient Care
    Patient Care

    A good EMS system is always cost effective, as it prevents catastrophes and avoid expense on a long run.

  •  ER Care in Pakistan
    ER Care in Pakistan

    It is sad to see the level of ER care in most of the Pakistan. Rather than accusing someone or the system, lets improve it, one bit at a time.


Latest NEWS.

Heat wave Emergencies: Train the trainer workshop.

A collaboration of PSEM (Pakistan Society of Emergency Medicine) and AKUH (Aga Khan University Hospital) resulted in a workshop for the training of trainer in the subject of heat wave emergencies. This happened in Shifa International Hospital Islamabad. Heat wave emergencies can be quite catastrophic as evidences in 2015 in Karachi where the estimate of death was in the range of 1200 to 5000 in a very short span of time.

Recognizing the potential for the devastation and working to eliminate the effects in really important especially for the emergency Physicians in Pakistan. There is already meager resources and a broken healthcare system, we need to make sure that the doctors and nurses of the emergency department are capable of understanding and then treating the patients exposed to too much heat or for prolong period of time.

The workshop was attended by emergency physicians and nurses and from different area hospitals. Team of AKUH delivered it well and created a way for the trainers to train other physicians and nurses in the management of heat wave emergencies.

Induction for the EM trainees completed.

The induction phase of new post graduate trainees for the EM program is now complete at Shifa International Hospital. The interest of the doctors was obvious and about 28 physicians contested for the 3 vacant positions. All were excellent and after interview three doctors were offered the positions that they accepted. The training will start from July 2019 for them.

Induction for the EM trainees underway.

The induction phase of new post graduate trainees for the EM program is well underway. The interest of the doctors was obvious and is heart warming that the people has started seeing the emergency medicine as a viable option for the training. In Shifa International Hospital, the written test was carried out today on thew 24th of may 2019. Now the candidates have to go through the interview process and the successful will start the training.

New episode of South Asian Journal of Emergency Medicine (SAJEM).

South Asian Journal of Emergency Medicine is striving to fill the research gap for the Emergency Medicine field in Emergency Medicine in Pakistan.
South Asian Journal of Emergency Medicine.

Policy statement on Patient Safety by PSEM.

Patient safety is a concern for every one. Pakistan Society of Emergency Medicine issued a statement and offered to play its role in making the healthcare safe for all patients coming to the Emergency Departments. across Pakistan.

Policy Statement

ELS Course in Gujrat and Lahore.

ELSi is here again in Pakistan. This time the course was planned to be delivered in Gujrat and Lahore. The course is being conducted in collaboration with PSEM (Pakistan Society of Emergency Medicine). In Lahore the course was conducted in Shaukat Khanam Hospital and was a huge success. All the canidates liked it. Now the course is getting conducted in Gujrat on the 13th and 14th of April. This course is designed to help the low resources countries in emergency care. He like people to think methodically and be able to help the most patients when the get sick and need our attention.

ELS Course to be conducted in Islamabad.

Emergency Life Support (ELS) course is scheduled to be conducted in Islamabad in November 2018. Developed by the Australian faculty in Emergency Medicine, this course is designed for the low resource countries. The Australian faculty will be here along with the national Emergency Medicine leading names. This is to transfer the skills helpful in treating patients in emergency departments in critical situations. Limited slots are first come and first serve basis with highly motivated individuals sought.

PSEM(Pakistan Society of Emergency Medicine)

PSEM has announced its cabinet. It has the representations from different departments of the country. www.psem.com.pk/cabinet will give you a glimpse regarding the cabinet. It is great initiative for the Emergency Medicine in Pakistan.

Emergency Medicine Initiative in AJK.

The Govt of Azad Jammu and Kashmir has collaborated with the Consultants of Emergency Medicine to improve the quality of care at emergency departments across AJK. This include provision of free care at the emergency departments along with upgrading the departments and increasing the capabilities. The number of staff will be increased as well as the equipments will be updated. The staff will be trained and there will be a constant on job training. The whole health sector of AJK is very excited to improve the emergency care and emergency consultants Dr. Abdus Salam Khan and Dr. Khawaja Junaid Mustafa are helping them out in this endeavor. We appreciate Dr. Najeeb Naqi and his team for this great initiative.

Congratulations Pakistan….

The centers for the EMERGENCY MEDICINE training has increased. I feel proud to inform all Pakistanis that there is one more center for the training in EMERGENCY MEDICINE. POF Wah Cantt. Hospital has taken 6 residents this Jan 2017 to embark on this new training venture. It is a combined efforts of the College of Physicians and Surgeons along with the Hospital and in consultation and technical support of the Consultants of Shifa International Hospitals. We congratulate the new program and also entire nation for another step in the right direction.

Viral hemorrhagic Fever is a reality.

Please take precautions. Be on the lookout. When you suspect please isolate the patient and report. This illness takes the life away. Care provider safety is equally important and should be the goal when patient care is delivered.


This is our motto. Although it is the domain of the Government to make sure that the citizens of Pakistan get the best emergency care, yet we the emergency medicine custodians team out together and train young doctors to fill that position in the emergency departments across Pakistan.


Master Class in Emergency Medicine was a huge success, like the one in 2013. We gave lectures to more than 350 attendees.

You could find the presentation on the education tab. As promised, these can be downloaded and utilized for educational purposes for mere thank you.

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Workshop on Medical Response during a Nuclear Or Radiological Emergency

Dr. Abdus Salam Khan. Director Emergency Department SIH.

A nuclear and radiological emergency although rare but pose unique and challenging situation for the people who deal with emergencies. The response to this sort of emergency has to be coordinated and require multi pronged approach and a multidisciplinary team.

Due to advances made by the world in the field of nuclear medicine and also radiation physics, we have enormous number of devices that deal with radiation and nuclear material. Also the peaceful use of nuclear energy is one of the ways different countries including Pakistan provides /meets the challenges of energy. At the same times these nuclear power plants are potential source of situation where the human life and Wellbeing becomes jeopardized.

Medical field is notoriously helped by the advancement in nuclear medicine. From diagnostic radiology to cancer radiation, nuclear medicine has resulted in great and remarkable way of improving survival and care of oncological as well as general medical patient. No work up is completed unless any person is not subjected to one or more of devices that uses radiation. This makes the use of the radiation /nuclear energy source in close proximity to the human beings. It has a potential to result in one or the other kind of nuclear or radiation emergency.

The workshop conducted by the experts from IAEA in collaboration with PNRA(Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory authority) to create awareness in the scientific and medical community of Pakistan. Nuclear emergencies are surrounded by lot of myths and incorrect information. Medical community being at the forefront of the providing care to the people exposed, are the one who have to be ready and be in the leading role. The workshop provided opportunity to the participants to learn about nuclear and radiation emergencies as well as its management. It also gave them an overview on how to be prepared for such an emergency.

The Instructors Dr. Istrvan Turai (Hungary) and Damir Dodiq (Croatia) presented the data regarding worldwide nuclear and radiation emergencies and discussed the lessons learned from each of those accidents. More than 50 participants from across the Pakistan took part in this intense workshop and were happy to receive the information.

Although there is a room for a lot to be done in this field, but everyone felt that disseminating right information to the people who will deal with the emergency was the step in the right direction. No one hopes for any emergency situation but it is not a good strategy to find one self unprepared to deal with a potential emergency.

As the participant of the workshop and also the program director of emergency medicine I learned to appreciate the life time work o f IAEA experts and am going to incorporate those lessons taught by them in my routine educational schedule. Preparing courses for the general public and also medical and Para medical staff is also my focus.

Together we can ensure that our medical response to any such unfortunate situation should be of the level expected by our fellow citizens.

Master class held on 17th Feb. 2013 ended in a success. Attended by around 500 students, PG trainees general practitioners, institution heads and foreign representatives .It was the biggest program done at Shifa premises.
Program started at 9.30 am and by the end of class 13 lectures were delivered.

It is a milestone for Shifa as well for emergency medicine in Pakistan to gather people and have to make them think about emergency medicine.
Introduction to emergency medicine was quite informative and well in time to educate people regarding this subject.

Pakistan needs to develop this important field and the people working in this field has the responsibility to play their role in educating people about it. People who attended the class were very happy to be part of it .one draw back was that question answer time was not enough.

Organizers are to be commended and Shifa should feel proud to have such a program. Next master class will be in May 2013 and the theme is infectious disease.