Expanding Horizon of Emergency Medicine

Abdus Salam Khan, MD FACP
February, 2015


Last week our emergency medicine team was invited to spend a day at the PAEC hospital in Islamabad. We conducted a workshop as well as delivered a lecture in their CPC. It was a great opportunity to introduce Emergency Medicine to the faculty at the PAEC hospital.

Our efforts at expanding the horizon of Emergency Medicine are going on since we started this journey in 2010. We have spoken in different forums and on individual level about the need for the development of the emergency medicine as a field as well as a faculty. We have traveled in different parts of Pakistan to encourage people and also written in newspapers, internet and blogs about it. We know that this is an enormous task and is not a work of a few individuals. In this regard it is a must to involve the public sector hospitals as most of the jobs for the emergency medicine will be created there. Out trainees and other people who care about this field have concerns about future job creation. Most of the jobs in emergency medicine are outside the country. The only people who have the trained or career emergency physicians are the major private hospitals with limited job prospects.

Our visit to PAEC was in so many ways a breath of fresh air. We conducted half a day workshop which included a lecture of Emergency Medicine. This lecture was attended by a full house and with great enthusiasm. PAEC is expanding its emergency services and wants to bring the emergency department in pace with the world. They had great interest in starting their journey on the right footing and in that respect wanted to team up with the EMAG (Emergency Medicine Advisory Group). The lecture on emergency medicine gave them the idea about the emergency care and the scope of it. They also became aware of the history of emergency medicine and how it was developed in the world and where do we stand in Pakistan. We talked about the training aspects and the job prospect in Emergency Medicine.

After this lecture we held the BLS training and then trained them for the hands on training on Defibrillation. The last session was held to show the basic trauma life support. It was a great show to the audience how a trauma victim should be dealt with and how a primary survey should be conducted.

In all it was a great occasion where we interacted with the specialties and sub-specialties of PAEC and showed them some aspects of emergency care. They had the chance to ask questions, interact with the PG trainees and be exposed to the life saving skills. They liked this interaction and felt that similar programs should be arranged in the future as well. The higher body of the PAEC was also present and their interest in Emergency Medicine gave us all a good feeling. Interactions like this makes you love the work you do and gave us more energy to continue our efforts in expanding the horizon of emergency medicine.

The people participated in this program included Dr. Abdus Salam Khan(writer), Dr. Khawaja Junaid Mustafa (Consultant SIH), Dr. Abdul Sattar (Senior Emergency Physician SIH), Dr. Rafaqat Hussain (Senior Emergency Physician), Dr. Najam Iqbal (Senior PG Emergency Medicine), Dr. Bilal Ahmed(PG Emergency Medicine), Dr. Salman Naeem(PG Emergency Medicine), Dr. Samia Ahmed(PG Emergency Medicine) and Dr. Summayyah Faiz(PG Emergency Medicine).


I can be reached at erdoc@shifa.com.pk.

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