Emergency Medicine Conference

Abdus Salam Khan, MD FACP
September, 2017

With great effort and continuous struggle, Pakistan is fortunate to have developed a small team of Emergency Physicians well geared towards improving emergency care in Pakistan. The efforts that started more then two decades ago are slowly bearing fruit. The background work was done through public awareness, research work and writing papers.

Since 2010 CPSP recognized Emergency Medicine as a discipline for the training. There are five centers recognized for the training and now the numbers will increase in future. The struggle of Emergency Medicine is entered into a new phase with the public sector Hospitals acquiring training status in Emergency Medicine fellowship through CPSP.

To highlight this further and let interested people come together and join forces and work to propagate Emergency Medicine the idea of having the Emergency Medicine Conference emerged. Through the efforts of President Royal College of Emergency Medicine and Emergency Physicians of Pakistan an International conference was arranged and successfully conducted. The people who delivered speeches came form all corners of the world including Australia, UK, Ireland, USA, Middle East and most importantly different part of Pakistan.

The theme of the conference was building EM in Pakistan. It was done as a joint effort of Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University, Society of Emergency Medicine and Royal College of Emergency Medicine. The audience was very motivated physicians in training, physicians in service and also plenty of medical students. It was exciting to see the representation from all of the area medical schools and hospitals.

The audience were kept engaged by equally impressive speakers. The notables were Surgeon General of Pakistan Dr. Asif Sukhara, Chairman HEC, President Royal College of Emergency Medicine , Councillors of CPSP, Vice Chancellors of local area university. The other honorable guests were CEO of Shifa International Hospital Dr. M. H. Qazi, Minister Health Azad Jammu Kashmir Dr. Najeeb Naqi, notable teachers and Professors of Public Hospitals including Professor Umar and Prof. Waseem ud din. The massage that was unanimously conveyed was that as a result of prolonged and hard efforts of people now emergency medicine has a powerful footing in Pakistan. Another thing was that public hospitals are also moving towards it as evidenced by the example of POF Wah and now the latest two institutions which are Lady Reading Hospital and Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center.

The role of public hospital is important because the majority of citizen go to the public hospitals and because of having low resources and manpower, the untrained emergency doctors do their best yet unable to deliver safe care to the ailing citizens.

Speakers also gave message of hope to the physicians of Pakistan to keep up with the efforts of promoting emergency medicine by giving them examples of western world, where it took much longer to be recognized. They also conveyed important massages like converting our failures into success by learning from them and the value of teamwork and leadership.

There was poster presentation and abstract competitions. Research work originated from Pakistan and abroad was presented and local research started to show in Emergency Medicine from Pakistan and it is a great feeling.

This 2 day activity did much more then gathering people under one roof. It gave the physicians hope for the future of Emergency Medicine and plenty of motivation. It was felt that the heath care community has realized the value of Emergency Medicine and is willing to support this budding discipline. The foreign delegates mingled with the local stakeholders to encourage them and to help the emergency medicine. They were much amazed by the enthusiasm of the fresh graduates towards emergency medicine.

The organizers appreciated the participants and promised to continue their efforts and to conduct similar activities in future.

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