Emergency Medicine Update 2018

The training program in Emergency Medicine is quite new in Pakistan. College of Physician and Surgeon (CPSP) recognized Emergency Medicine as a field in 2010. Since then although progress has been slow but it is in right direction. Two programs started training and it was difficult to move forward initially, with plenty of disappointments and setbacks were dealt with by equally powerful team work and enthusiasm. These two programs became the pioneers and slowly the number of programs started increasing. As of November 2018 now we have 7 programs and two programs waiting to be accredited. We have 7 FCPS trained Emergency Physicians emerged now, as final product of the training and a busy training pipeline of about 90 trainees in various years of training.

We have a robust faculty of Emergency Medicine at CPSP, whose work is to find ways to improve programs, improve curriculum, develop examination and also conduct the examination. During this period we were able to create more supervisors of the training and from a meagre 5 supervisors in 2011 we now have more than 15 supervisors.

Our work in the field of Emergency Medicine have reached new heights and some of our trainees spend last 2 years of their training in either Ireland or England. After spending two years they came back to Pakistan and are eligible to appear in FCPS part II Emergency Medicine. We have now 07 FCPS Emergency Medicine Physician including 01 female physician.

We have a budding society of the Emergency Medicine staff called Pakistan Society of Emergency Medicine (PSEM) , established in year 2017 conceptually it was formally registered in year 2018 to serve the physicians and nurses of the Emergency Department. The society aims to give platform to discuss ways of enhancing training of Emergency Medicine and its spread in public institutions of Pakistan. It also strive to bring education and skills to people and serving in the emergency department in all public or private hospitals.

The international interest can be seen here now in terms of job opportunities and training posts for physicians working in emergency department. Also we see the interest of foreign emergency medicine faculty of Pakistani origin to come to Pakistan and provides skills to local physicians. Although the effort are not well directed still the level of interest is warmly welcome. It helps to enhance the basic skill set of the people working the emergency departments. Being a resource poor country we may not have expensive equipments but we can develop important lifesaving skills to provide reasonable care to all patients of the emergency department.

In the near future I expect more targeted efforts from within the country as well as outside. I feel UK physicians and especially Royal college of Emergency Medicine can play a very positive role in enhancing the capabilities of the people working in the emergency departments of Pakistan. Our enhanced capabilities will be our assets to be utilized for the treatment of common citizen in times of extreme need in the emergency.

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