Emergency Focus Course.

Abdus Salam Khan, MD FACP
January, 2019

Last weekend was spent in Karachi. We had a great program done by the Emergency Physicians from Australia and UK. This group of 6 Emergency Physicians dedicated their time and efforts to conduct a workshop in a local facility, and covered most of the emergency procedures. The work was labeled as Emergency Focus Course. It was designed for the budding emergency Physicians or anyone interested in learning those skills for the work in the emergency department.

Last few years have seen a great interest of physicians in emergency medicine. We have seen a great number of physicians opting the training in the emergency medicine all across Pakistan. Our department sees increased number of candidates in interview and most showing the desire to wait if they didn’t get the slot, and wanted to come back next time for the selection process. This is indeed a trust that the trainees are putting on us and is the result of dedicated work by the institutions and the supervisors of the training. A trend of higher demand in the UK and middle east is also making the case for the training in Emergency Medicine.

During the same time period there is also increasing participation of the emergency physicians from across the globe into emergency medicine inside Pakistan. They felt that the audience for the emergency medicine has grown to the point that they can come to Pakistan and make a meaningful contribution. Whether it be in terms of working with one department, or at the national level. Remarkable contribution is from the President of Royal College of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Taj Hassan. He has been instrumental in his efforts to raise the awareness regarding improved emergency care, gaining competence, working together and guideline driven working. We also had other eminent physicians from UK and USA and Australia coming down to play their role.

One similar Emergency Physician is Dr. Farida Khawaja. Her involvement has always been at the grass root, or the ground level. She believes in working with the most juniors and turning them into most efficient physicians who are competent and most passionate as well as good in team working and communication. She has been working with different individuals and organizations from quite long time. We worked with her as team from the past three or four years and as a team delivered quite a few courses. These courses were built around emergency scenarios and were meant to improve the outcome through a coordinated effort of the treating physicians and nurses. It also was designed to help all value the teamwork and communication.

Due to the efforts of Dr. Farida Khawaja we were able to build a bridge between the Pakistan Society of Emergency Medicine and Emergency Life Support Course (ELS course) and have delivered two such courses in Pakistan. These courses were delivered in Islamabad and Muzaffarabad AJK. These courses as their name says are built for the emergency situations of daily work in the emergency department. Built for the low resource countries like Pakistan it has been successful in Sri Lanka and in Australia as well. The next course of ELS will be in April 2019 and it will be in Lahore and Gujrat. This program is creating local trainers and will be run by the local faculty ultimately under the supervision of the Society(PSEM).

Now back to the emergency focus course. The course was devised by Dr. Rizwan Azhar and with him were Dr. Immad Quraishi, Dr. Alamgir Quraishi, Dr. Usman Ghani, Dr. Faryal Waqar and Dr. Nadia Maqbool. Dr. Fasih ullah also helped being a Pediatrician in Australia. Local faculty of Liaqat National Hospital helped along with student volunteers from local Medical colleges.

These efforts along with the training in Emergency Medicine are bound to help improve the level of care. Although the journey is long but the direction is right, so we are very much hopeful that each day brings us closer to our goal of improving emergency care in Pakistan.

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