Emergency Medicine Summit March 2019.

We are witnessing increasing understanding of healthcare community regarding Emergency Medicine as new field of training and delivery of care. Increasing number of people and increasing number of institutions are engaged in training and the number of trained physician are slowly increasing.

The number of supervisors of training is also slowly increasing and it seems that the patients also have acknowledged this slow change. Now they expect that in those hospitals where Emergency Medicine has been established, there should be standardized and higher level of care. The demand for the early involvement of the specialty has given way to let the emergency Physician do the work of stabilizing the patient and then involving the right specialty for the right care at the right time. We are also witnessing the already known fact that the systematic care ensures safety for the patients and care providers and collectively for the system.

Now we are coming to the point where the demand of better Emergency care has been created and there are not enough hands to meet the demand. This is a make or break point. It is going to give us all a challenge and our own actions, struggle and strategy will show how far we can benefit our population .Our collective wisdom will have to guide us through this important task of establishing quality emergency care in Pakistan. I would like to call it “STRUCTURED EMERGENCY CARE”, which means each aspect of patient care is well defined and backed by research and experience.

We are arranging a leadership Summit in Islamabad in a few days. All stakeholders are gathering to discuss ways to do these tasks. The stakeholders include the leaders of Emergency Medicine in Pakistan, College of Physician and Surgeon Pakistan, Emergency Department leaders from Army, a few NGOs working in field of Emergency and the Government Officials who are involved in improving health care in Pakistan.

Our aspirations are many folds, but most importantly to develop a common thanking and mind set regarding ways to move forward from this point. On the same note we would like for the leaders to find and create ways of working together to create ways of working together to establish more training programs, enhance research in collaborative ways and form guidelines with local circumstances in mind.

These are all doable tasks and knowing the team involved I am sure that the journey will be very fruitful and of great benefit for the community and the country.

I can be reached at askhan65@yahoo.com.

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