Abdus Salam Khan, MD FACP
April, 2019


Another Emergency Life Support (ELS) course is arranged to be delivered. Our Australian team is awesome in coming to Pakistan and helping us in equipping our physician and nurses to be ready for dealing with emergencies.

A structured emergency care is new to Pakistan. Our departments dealing with emergencies are not well staffed and neither well equipped. But more than that the people who run the emergency rooms have not gone through any training to deal with emergencies. They do their best and deal with enormous load of patients, but their lack of training makes it difficult at times to safely deal with situation at hand.
Emergency department work is teamwork and mind set. Team work is guided by structured approach to care delivery in the department. The care in emergency department is more than just few angles and only a structured approach would help deliver it safety.
Emergency life support course has developed one such approach and that is tested for quite some time. This approach is designed for resource poor or resource limited countries such a Pakistan. This has also been tested in Srilanka and also Australia. The team of Emergency Life Support (ELS) has been visiting Pakistan and with mutual agreement and cooperation. We agreed to equip emergency care providers in Pakistan with lifesaving skills.

Pakistan Society of Emergency Medicine (PSEM) is working as partner in this activity and the plan is that, this course will be handed over to Pakistan Society of Emergency Medicine (PSEM) for ultimate custody for the Country.

The collaboration is very important as Pakistan Society of Emergency Medicine (PSEM) is concerned with improving the emergency care provision in Pakistan, and the Australian colleagues also share this dream to help us in creating solutions for the less resourceful Country like Pakistan.

We have started delivering the courses and at the same time also making the trainers from local Physician to create the trainer force within Pakistan. We also try to rotate the venue for the course to have diversity in the different areas and also know what is happening on ground. Our present course location is Lahore and Gujrat. All faculty and the local physician are keen to make it a success and ultimately benefit the patients.
This is a small step in our journey to make emergency care available and safe for all the citizen of Pakistan.

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