PSEM. A new chapter in emergency medicine.

Abdus Salam Khan, MD FACP
April, 2019

Professional societies have very important role to be performed. People look up to these societies to guide them or channelize the resources and also to develop ways to improve understanding regarding the profession. Our journey of emergency medicine reached an important milestone when our professional society got established. It is called Pakistan Society Of Emergency Medicine ( PSEM).

Emergency medicine has established roots in Pakistan for almost two decades. It was not an easy journey but persistent efforts of plenty of people at different levels made it a reality.

Our number of trainees has increased and so is the number of emergency physicians across Pakistan. Now the next phase for the emergency Medicine is underway. This step is to strengthen the society. The society was created for various reasons and some of those are listed here.

1. Creation of a common platform of emergency medicine for all to develop together.
2. Make emergency medicine development a combined goal rather than a personal achievement.
3. Help different institutions develop emergency medicine training programs to benefit our patients.
4. Propagate the understanding regarding the function of emergency departments and to increase proper utilization of emergency departments without wastage of resources.
5. Help create service standards and then clinical standards.
6. Help create educational standards for the emergency medicine trainings.
7. Help different organizations and entities deliver educational and training programs.

We are proud of our cohesiveness and also of being progressive in our conduct We love to collaborate and live to innovate. Our strength is in the mindset of not giving up, as we know that the path is quite difficult and task is too complex and huge yet we continue to move ahead day in and day out.

The work that is ahead of us as society is enormous and the society is getting ready for the task. We have started the membership drive and are aiming to gather around as many members as possible in a few weeks. Our training programs and trainees are enthusiastic in becoming part of PSEM. We will then initiate different committees to think, organize and work on the collectively agreed tasks to improve the emergency medicine for all the patients.

Collaboration with different entities will result in educational and training events for the trainees. Collaborators are both national and international with common goal of improving caliber of people providing care to the patients.

Research and guideline creation pertaining to local circumstances is also a great service that PSEM will take up. We have started a new journal which is the first one in Pakistan for the field of emergency medicine, and we are hopeful that the local researchers will trust us with their publications so that the journal will provide guidance to the people working in the emergency department across Pakistan.

We are strong believers of teamwork and would appreciate all the help extend it to us for emergency medicine development.

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