EMAG is doing a training session in Rawlakot AzadKashmir on the 9th of May 2015.


Medical Camp In Chitral

Thursday 19th June 2014


Chitral is a backward area where there is not adequate health facilities for the poor people to give treatment to their children’s in the peripheries. CPU Chitral registering a lot of health concern of these poor families to hand them a hand for support and facilitation. So keeping the need in the planning Child Protection Officer Chitral unit invited the medical specialist from Shifa International Hospital Islamabad for the general medical checkup and primary diagnosis of all physically, psychologically and medically impaired cases. This medical camp was a good opportunity for the local poor families to consult and diagnose from well experienced doctor free of cost. The objective of setting up free medical campaign in the district was:

  • To assist and facilitate the poor families who could not get proper medical treatment for their children’s due to extreme poverty and vulnerability.
  • To improve the health conditions of the underprivileged children’s by providing free medical

Medical Camp

Camp was started at 10:00 am and ended at 3:00 pm. Medical campaign was free for every poor child and each child patient was given free medical consultation for half day. Numbers of patient total checked in this campaign were 22, the progress was disciplined and well organized in all aspects. It was analyzed that children were suffering with some physical and psychological problems and were advised for the advance treatment by referring them to other relevant specialists. Fever, cough, anxiety, body pains, and chest pain.



All these child patients were poor, needy and deserving as their physical condition was showing their status. The doctor showed full interest and volunteerism during the checkup and the other working team were fully satisfied with the check up activities.

Child Patients who showed a “dual diagnosis” of developmental and/or medical conditions along with their mental health condition seem to have the most difficulty finding appropriate services. So keeping in doctor advice CPU Chitral has compiled list of greater hospital and resources that provide the relevant health treatment facilities based on the need.



This free medical camp of CPU Chitral was an important step towards a new beginning and thought. The CPU team is having the planning to arrange these kinds of free medical checkups in the peripheries villages in the area during its course of action. . When free medical camp started the child patients arrived in great number and were waiting in long rows for the treatment. The doctor examined ………Children’s and provided them free consultation and treatment advice. Complex cases were referred to DHQ Chitral, Peshawar and Shifa Hospital Islamabad for further treatment. And the CPU Chitral was advised by the consultant doctor to have close follow up to the case. Local poor families and communities were very much satisfied with the free medical consultation campaign. These activities may be helpful for poverty alleviation and reduce frustration among the local communities.


The emergency department of Shifa International Hospital conducted a day long workshop in Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir. It was the part of the commitment of the emergency department team to work together and educate and train healthcare providers in area of emergency care throughout Pakistan.

This activity was the part of the annual symposium of the AJK Medical College. This pre Symposium workshop was arranged in CMH, Muzaffarabad. The emergency department team comprised of seven physicians which were Dr. Abdus Salam Khan, Dr. Khawaja Junaid Mustafa, Dr. Asad Nabi, Dr. Abdul Sattar, Dr. Kashif Ijaz Malik, Dr. Bilal and Dr. Salman Naeem.

The team left Islamabad on the morning of April 23, 2014 and reached Muzaffarabad by road in about in about 3 and a half hrs. The team was greeted by the commandant and was offered the tea. After that the session started with hands on BLS training. The second session was the air way and then the hands-on training on defibrillation. It was meant to educate the care providing physicians regarding importance of attaching defibrillator and synchronizing the CPR. Last session was the trauma call and the primary survey including log roll. About 50 physicians and paramedics including nurses participated in this workshop. Their experience was extremely positive and exciting. They interacted with the instructors and participated in the hands on training enthusiastically. Attendees were given certificates of the participation.

All the staff of the hospital liked the activity and was instructed in getting involved in similar type of educational activities. They thanked the organizer Dr. Junaid Mustafa for conducting this workshop in excellent manner and also thanked Shifa International Hospital and the Emergency Department team to have taken the time and visited Muzaffarabad. The team enjoyed the scenic view of Muzaffarabad especially Pearl Continental Muzaffarabad on their way back to Islamabad on the same day.

Trip to Muzaffarabad

Trip to Muzaffarabad




MNA Chitral Shahzada Iftikhar Uddin met with Health Professionals

Saturday 29th March 2014

MNA of Chitral Shahzada Iftikhar Uddin had a meeting with healthcare professionals in Shifa International Hospital Islamabad. Shahzada Iftikhar Uddin shared his concerns regarding his constituency specially and the whole Chitral in general with Dr Abdus Salam Khan program Director Emergency Medicine Shifa International Hospital.

He was concerned about the dismal condition of health care ,shortage of man power trained to deal with health care issues and especially important issue was increasing incidence of disease especially cancer. He said that he wants to team up with experts as wells as provincial and federal government to improve the health care in the areas which are far away and despite high literacy rate stay behind in access to quality healthcare. His concern also included efforts to alleviate scorpion bites, as well as working for dog bite prevention.

Dr Abdus Salam Khan thanked the MNA Mr. Shahzada Iftikhar Uddin for the meeting and also agreed with all the concerns shared. He explained that a healthy society works on the health care issues in multiple ways. It includes working on documenting year by year incidence and prevalence of diseases, educating people regarding preventive measures empowering the healthcare workers to deal with the diseases and bring the latest information to the healthcare community and to the general public.

Dr Abdus Salam khan offered his services to Shahzada Iftikhar Uddin and said that he is interested in measures for the prevention of disease as well as increasing the knowledge base and capacity of the health care community. He said that these measures are important for resource poor countries like Pakistan and results in better health with least money spent.

Shahzada Iftikhar Uddin acknowledged the efforts of Dr Abdus Salam Khan and his team comprising of doctors from Shifa International Hospital and agreed to work together to improve the heath care of people in his constituency and areas around. He asked to create a program of education and prevention in different areas of Chitral and incorporate local health care community both from government sector as well as private and non-government sectors.